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Serge Hoeltschi


Serge Hoeltschi
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Courageous Men

Pro Audito - 60s

Sound Designer

Hiltl - 30s

Climate Change Is Real

ActOnClimate -30s

Space Expedition Corp

Luminox SXC - 60s

Swiss-born director Serge Höltschi brings a light touch and a love of people to his work.  He approaches each project as both craftsman and innovator, balancing those technical skills with a deep curiosity for the world.  His award-winning commercials often use humor and a personal approach to create work that is known for its humanity and sophistication.   


Serge began his career as a photographer and music video director in Zurich.  After winning a Cannes Gold Lion for his “Home of the Blind” PSA, Serge moved to Los Angeles establishing himself as a commercial director and photographer. 


Notable projects include his directing work on Nike’s “Innovation Arena,” a technologically challenging interactive 3d project shot with 95 cameras to promote the brand’s 2012 Olympics product line.  In 2016, his ingenious spot for the world’s first smart watch for the blind -“DOT - Braille Smart Watch” - won 29 international awards including three Gold Clios, four Cannes Gold Lions and two Clio Grand Prix’s.  Additional directing clients include: UBS, Proctor & Gamble, Porsche, and Nestlé. 


In addition to his directing work, Serge’s photography work has appeared in numerous publications, including GQ, Vanity Fair and Vogue.  Serge is a lecturer at UCLA’s renowned Design Media Arts Department where he teaches video and photography.  He is fluent in six languages and has worked in more than forty countries.  

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