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If you are a film geek, enjoy cosplay or are an Indiana Jones fan, you may know a bit about Chris's past adventures. Chris is one of "The Raiders Guys" who, over the span of 33 years, recreated a shot-for-shot fan remake of the Spielberg classic RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. It went on to garner a cult following worldwide and is the subject of a highly acclaimed book and documentary which details his lifelong journey playing Indy. With over twenty years in the entertainment industry managing, producing, touring, writing, singing, fundraising and most recently, a successful stint in the fashion industry, Chris brings some hardcore fandom and passion to Fanology. A perfect match! Chris has worked for Sony Pictures Entertainment, Activision, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Crest National and Digital Studios Group to name a few. Chicago-born, Mississippi-raised, and educated in Ohio and New York, Chris is a proud husband, father and cat owner. He enjoys writing music and singing in his spare time.



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