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John Amatucci


John Amatucci
  • LinkedIn - A.J. Lewis

Born and raised in the Midwest, John Amatucci has always been an artist. Starting with a disposable camera, John was able to capture a story in the most simplistic or most complicated of scenarios.

Living on his own at a very young age, he began working at a Fox Photo processing images. This experience allowed him to explore his talents even further purchasing his first real camera at a pawn shop and his eye for photography has never been the same.

Not only is John able to do what he loves for a career, he has the luxury of being able to work with others by combining his vision and their's to tell a story through art. John is grateful that through his career as a commercial photographer, he has been able to explore rare parts of the world. One of the most unique aspects of John’s career is his opportunity to experience the behind the scenes of many different business operations and the production process of many different products. Whether it is experiencing how a luxury cruise ship operates or how an airplane window is created, John values these experiences as much as he does his art.

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