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Richard Janes is an Emmy winning and Royal Television Society nominated storyteller. He became one of Hollywood’s go-to digital storytellers creating digital series for the likes of Hulu, Yahoo!, The Huffington Post, Google, and Facebook. As a pioneer in social storytelling and entertainment, Richard co-founded Fanology in 2010 to serve celebrities and their brand partners with the goal of fostering deep fan to consumer relationships that transcend individual projects and products and extend to deep and meaningful relationships. As more and more brands (Godaddy, Monster Energy, Lenovo, Puma, LG) started to see the the enormous results that came from high quality storytelling combined with a deep knowledge of the social media landscape, Fanology began to be engaged directly with brands separate to their celebrity clients. In addition to top level oversight of Fanology, Richard sits on a number of startup boards as well as flexing his love of storytelling through various writing, directing, and acting projects. He is a dedicated father of two, husband to one and MVP champion to all.


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