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Sean Ross

Director / Producer

Sean Ross
  • LinkedIn - A.J. Lewis
Two Wolves  - Clio Award

Toyota Olympics Campaign - 90s

Let's Go Team Toyota 

Toyota Paralympics Campaign - 30s


Toyota Olympics Campaign - 90s

Let's Go Team Toyota  II

Toyota Paralympics Campaign - 30s

Clio winning director and writer, Sean Ross, leverages his experience in computer science, international relations, music, and video art installation to influence his award-winning content for brands including Toyota, MINI, Roche, Sony, Microsoft, NPR, Financial Times, and more. He began his commercial directing career creating short and long form music content with artists from Foo Fighters to Fleetwood Mac, as well as emerging indie and electronic acts. Having directed a Winter Olympics campaign for Toyota in 2014, he took 3-year hiatus to pursue new technologies and other interests.  He returned to commercials in 2017 to direct a number of spots for Toyota's Olympic and Paralympic campaigns. 


Leveraging recent degrees in data science and global health from MIT and Harvard, Sean uses design thinking and data-driven approaches to tell stories and create experiences that optimize connections with audiences.

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