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Karl Richter


Karl Richter
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Jason Markk - 90s


Astro - 90s

LA Riots


Karl Richter is a Los Angeles-based director. Originally from rural Canada, Karl’s interest in storytelling was borne of an imagination curated by a childhood immersed in the worlds of comic books and film. Never bored, Karl would spend hours outdoors year-round, imagining great fantasy battles or science-fiction adventures, all dramatically imbued with the human struggle. Films by auteurs like Michael Mann, David Fincher and PT Anderson inspired Karl’s path to pursue his passion for motion picture at a young age. His career was initiated in post-production, where he built and refined his skills with editorial to actualize mood, pacing and tone throughout his work. Connecting to audiences emotionally is a resounding theme throughout his work. He’s known for his affinity to create powerful yet sophisticated visuals with skillful design-inspired attention to detail. If he’s not on set, he uses still photography as an outlet for curating and creating visuals, from simple landscapes to an up-and-coming series on the alluring romanticism of public restrooms. His expansive portfolio includes internationally awarded short films and commercial work with clients such as Skullcandy, Visa, Nike and Sol Republic, among others.

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